Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whatever happened to permanent press???

When permanent press was invented, I thought the age of the iron and ironing board was close at hand.  Finally, you could wash and wear your clothes, and never worry about slaving over a hot iron, trying to keep them from get "re-wrinkled" while repositioning them to make sure you got all the little corners of your collars, and cuffs.

Oh sure, if you didn't get the clothes out of the dryer on time, you might have to iron out wrinkles.  That being said, I did have a "boss" who put his clothes on directly from the dryer, but not right after they were dried; more like a week later.  I'd like to think that was the story, rather than he just dumped everything on his floor, and took whatever was needed to wear.  He was way beyond wrinkled.  He was absolutely disheveled.  But I digress.

Today's fashions seem to have spandex included in all of them.  So my pants, and blouses have a bit of stretch.  While I like this particular factor, when they come out of the dryer (on time) they still do not have that "finished" look.  They aren't wrinkled, in the old fashion sense, but they're not smooth or crisp either.    So tonight I took to ironing all the things I've not worn, as I thought they needed to look better, fresher.  Perhaps no one would notice any way if I wore them directly from the dryer, but it makes me feel better knowing I'm not "wrinkled." 

I used to iron a lot more things in my youth...sheets, pillowcases,  blouses, shirts, skirts, pants, never underwear.  I even made money ironing men's shirts, as that was almost a special skill.  Or maybe it was because it was such an awful chore, it was worth it for people to pay me to iron those shirts.  The bottom line of all this, is that I believe I even need a new iron!  After all, I did get mine almost 35 years ago. 

You may find me appliance shopping, on Day 212!

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